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Ride the Bridge with Purpose

One of the most amazing aspects of the riding community that I have encountered over the last year and a half is the diversity amongst the groups who ride. Wether it is adventure riding, street riding or all out dirt riding, they all have one thing in common. The community is AMAZING.

The thing that I have also noticed over the last year is the divide and sometimes misunderstanding of the different groups who ride. Street riders rarely cross the bridge to see what the adventure and dirt riders are up to, and vice versa with the adventure and dirt riders never leaving the woods. Now, this is not the case for everyone. I do not want to make assumptions if you are the minority, like myself, who finds yourself somewhere in the middle.

How do we fix this and blend the communities? We open up a rally that highlights both communities in games, scrambles and festivities. At the STRSS rally, we are asking for riders of all types to "Ride the Bridge" and join the unfamiliar other side of their riding style. I have met the most amazing people in both communities of riding and would love to tear down the wall that each may have about the "other side of the bridge".

WAIT THERE IS MORE! Not only is STRSS going to break down the walls between Harley riders and Adventure riders, but we are highlighting and bringing awareness to a serious issue we are encountering. Suicide, its an ugly and heartbreaking word, but a reality to many of us inside and outside the riding community. One of the founders of STRSS, Chuck Lambert, is also the founder of V13ION. V13ION focuses on raising awareness, education and prevention of suicide primarily in the motorcycle and tattoo community to honor his oldest Son Chad “Chubb’s” Lambert. Chad was an avid motorcyclist both on and off road as well as Tattoo artist that lost his Battle with depression on his 36th Birthday.

We have joined with V13ion and Vet to Vet and will be offering 10 QPR instructor courses free of charge!! This is a $500 value and will certify you to teach QPR classes. We will also be offering QPR classes for attendees. For more information please PM me or email us at strssrally@gmail.com

I cant wait to see you there, both my amazing and awesome street riders as well as those crazy and fun dirt riders. ( ALSO, those like me who find anything with 2 wheels exciting )