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Kim Krause

Kim in her element kicking up the dirt on her GS

Kim Krause is an avid motorcycle enthusiast both on and off-road. She started participating very early in her life with sports like horse competition (hunter, jumper) , soccer, and dirt biking. She has competed internationally, winning one of the coveted ten spots on an all female team with BMW Motorrad's GS Trophy last September 2015 in South Africa. Kim enjoys riding and leading others on tours to always forge a path seldom taken. No obstacles stand in her way and on tour, Kim is known for impressing others with mind-bending “what-if” scenarios that help expand one's consciousness. Kim's other talents include teaching, she has her BA in Fine Arts. As an art educator, she's initiated and managed a multitude of successful community building projects in economically disadvantaged neighborhoods. Continuing to produce her own art while teaching, she has created art for clients globally. She has been a speaker at a number of motorcycle conferences around the US, giving entertaining recounts of her competitive but supportive experience. Kim is a whirlwind of energy, enthusiasm and laughter. Her encouragement of others and ability to see the infinite possibilities in life’s adventure is infectious.

Kim is one of the kindest and most helpful ladies in the dirt and on the trails.