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Adam Rehling

I’ve been riding off and on for 15+ years. I started on a GSXR and moved through the various Suzuki GS models bringing some back from the dead. My love of electric and electronics combined with cheap broken bikes became a fun hobby.

About 5 years ago I started riding more frequently. Filling the garage with a dirtbike and a R1200GS. I find riding to be relaxing. This is true whether it’s on road or off.

The riding community is amazing and inclusive. It spans religion, political affiliation, race and type of bike. It always makes me smile seeing Harley’s and sport bikes and dual sports riding together. The people in this community make it great. Help is freely offered in a suggestion of a shop, or getting hands dirty redoing a clutch. Many aspects of this community reflect a family, and it’s a family I’m glad to be a part of.